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About the DesScribe Calligraphy ArtistAbout the DesScribe Calligraphy Artist

The inspiration behind DesScribe Calligraphy is my passion for creating functional art. After practicing calligraphy professionally for almost 20 years, I've acquired the skills and experience to give my clients the works of art they're looking for.

While working as a graphic artist, and respecting the world of computer generated art, I found that there's still a place for the traditionally crafted artwork in modern society. In fact, each nicely complements the other.

I also found that my graphic design background complemented my calligraphic work, as layout and design are imperative to a finished calligraphy piece. I had excelled in calligraphy and typography studies in college, so undertook several more courses to bring my skills up to a professional standard. The rest is history.

What draws people to DesScribe calligraphy?
Years of experience, design degree skills, a professional finish, and an entirely original creation at an affordable cost.

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